What we do

We are a Canadian company formed with a passion to create stuff. Our drive is to bring 3D printing technologies to the marketplace and help individuals unlock their creative potential. When you stop and think about it, there is nothing that cannot be created with a 3D printer. Once you have one, you won't be able to stop! 

We highly recommend new owners and users of 3D Printers consider the Sketchup Make program. It is free to use and has some very powerful tools to get you started and is incredibly simple to learn. Another great program to start with is TinkerCAD, super easy tutorials and very powerful cloud based CAD program.

Looking to put your printer onto the cloud? Look no further than 3D Printer OS, with it's power cloud slicing and networking capability you can control your machine(s) from wherever you are. With camera support you can even watch the print live.

Not a designer? Head over to the Thingiverse to browse thousands of 3D models ready for printing. Are you a designer and want to make a few bucks from your designs? Check out Pinshape. Pinshape also has an excellent selection of free designs as well.

We are a dealer for Flashforge products. 

Flashforge is an awesome company to work with, they are constantly evolving their products to make the creation process simple for all users. Their products can handle all types of materials and at a great price point as compared to others.