What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is the creation of a digital design into a physical object. What that means is that a physical object is created layer by layer, starting from the bottom working up. The layers are created by melting plastic, called filament, through a hot metal extruder tip and onto a build platform. There are many different types of plastics that one could use depending on the application of the object. The technology has come a long way to make the process really easy for a user and also a lot of fun! You can create whatever your hearts desire! Here is a short animation showing the process.

What is DLP 3D Printing?

DLP or digital light processing, is the process of creating a digital model from a pool of liquid resin that cures or hardens under exposure to UV light. The process of model creation for this type of application is similar to that of standard plastic 3D printers, however, the detail level of objects can be much higher. Just like standard 3D printers, the objects are created layer by layer only DLP printers will cure a layer all at once. Detail of the objects is controlled by output light resolution so most DLP processor will produce at least 1080p output resolution. Check out the video below for an idea how our Flashforge Hunter DLP printer works.